Eye clinic

Modern equipment, professional approach

In our eye clinic, we provide patients with top-quality medical care, thanks to the most modern equipment
and trained staff.

Specialized doctor

As a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, MUDr. Pavel Uličný has been working in the medical profession for more than 25 years.

Patients are satisfied with the professional approach of Dr. Uličný

Come and let yourself be professionally examined in a modern eye clinic and entrust yourself to the hands of a real expert.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity of vision examination and diopter determination by an eye doctor who has been specializing in refraction of the eye for over 12 years.

It is the ophthalmologist, who ranks highest in the hierarchy of vision examination expertise, who, in addition to determining the correct diopters, can alert you to the occurrence of eye diseases and determine the correct treatment.

In this case, vision problems move to a higher level and are not only solved by the way of optics but also by the way of medicine.

NON-Contractual Eye Clinic

As we are a private and non-contractual eye clinic, please note that all procedures and examinations within our clinic are not paid by any health insurance company and are therefore subject to a fee which you can find in a price list.

For the price of the examination, in addition to the examination itself, you will receive the comfort of the earliest possible exact date and time of the examination together with sufficient individual access to the patient.

You can see the list of procedures performed in our eye clinic in the price list of procedures and examinations. We also examine children from the age of 10.

If you buy new eyeglasses in our optical store VIA OCULIA, you have an examination to determine the diopters free of charge.

Book an appointment

Thanks to the online form, you can now book an eye examination quickly and easy from the comfort of your home. You will fill out a few simple questions so that we can adequately prepare for your treatment even before you come to us.

Choose the date and time of the examination which suits you the best and we will confirm it by email or by phone. If the date you selected is already booked, we will contact you to find satisfaction on both sides.

Alternatively, make an appointment directly with the doctor MUDr. Pavel Uličný‘s phone number

+421 918 185 762

Vyšetrenie očného pozadia

V prípade záujmu o vyšetrenie očného pozadia sa prosím objednávajte telefonicky

Otváracie hodiny


09.30 – 17.30

12.00 – 13.00


Optical store

Part of the eye clinic is also our family optical store, where we will be happy to help you find the right eyeglasses lenses and frames. Come even today and SEE 🙂

You will find us

Jarková 1, Prešov

Hotel Bélier building (next to OC NOVUM)
1st. floor